Abilene Mitchell Car Accident – Abilene Mitchell Passed Away!

Abilene Mitchell Car Accident : The Texas Department of Public Safety refreshed the delivery Tuesday morning to demonstrate that the driver was Mitchell Wayne Stewart, 30, of Breckenridge. The story has been refreshed to mirror the new data.

A traveler of a Ford pickup was killed, while three others were harmed in a one-vehicle crash early Saturday morning, as per the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Raymond Santos Baladez, 30, of Breckenridge, was killed after the accident, short of what one mile west of here on Business Interstate 20, DPS said.

As per the accident report delivered Monday, Mitchell Wayne Stewart, 30, of Breckenridge was driving three travelers at about 1:50 a.m. Saturday when his vehicle neglected to explore a bend in the street where it crosses with a scaffold disregarding Interstate 20.

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