Andrea Gymnast Death – Obituary: Passed Away!

Andrea Gymnast Death – Obituary: Andrea, who was an extraordinarily disagreeable tumbler who lost her prospects at being an Olympic star, and her trapped accessory, Sally, practice in the rec place for a Las Vegas show. Subsequent to belittling Sally on her trampoline capacities, Andrea, who said “Watch me since this is the manner by which you do it!”… And a short time later, attempts to get off the trampoline herself. Appallingly, she shows up on top of one of the sponsorships for the equivalent bars (which were overlooked by an expert endeavoring to fix the bars) between her rectum and vaginal opening and mortally penetrates herself, and she passes on.

“Andrea was a disagreeable tumbler who took out her failure at her friend. In the event that Sally was a little meaner… she would have revealed to her partner Andrea… to “stick it up to your rectal uterine pocket, bitch.”

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